Screenshot of knightfall academy's website homepage with navigation links, sections for appointments, upcoming classes including "beach day" and "farm trip," student testimonials, a staff introduction, and latest blog excerpts.
An informative page from knightfall academy's website providing an overview of their programs and services, calls to action, and target demographics. contains sections for project overview, services, and contact information.
Diagram of a website layout with a navigation bar including home, about, services, contact, info, faq, blog, and shop sections, detailing specific subsections like team members and services offered.
A simplified layout of a webpage wireframe with menu options including "homepage," "book apt," "newsletter," "classes," "testimonials," and "blog," presented in a series of rectangular buttons.
A website layout presenting various sections including "book an appointment," "newsletter," "upcoming classes," "testimonials," "meet noelle," and "latest news" in a clean, blue and white color scheme.

Knightfall Academy


This website is for a local homeschool consultant and evaluator. The majority of the people seeking her out our new homeschoolers with young children so we kept it colorful and fun. Below the mock-up are some process documents to show how we got to our final product.