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Two packages of versed mode recovery mode advanced night cream stand side by side on a gray background, displaying detailed descriptions and instructions.


[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"]Versed: Recovery ModeProduct Package For this night cream I mixed the ideas of night cream with the name of the product being recovery mode and made a loosely video game inspired packaging for this product. The idea was to distinguish the product so it would stand out against other similar products on the [...]
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An advertisement featuring a cheerful woman with curly hair pointing upwards, surrounded by moving boxes. a text box promotes cleaning services with a "call now" button.

Manatee Ladies Cleaning

[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] Manatee Ladies Cleaning Web sliders These colorful web sliders are for a small local cleaning company. This company targets itself at young working women who are short on time. The goal was to increase engagement on the site.
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close up of ripped denim with 25% of distressed Denim

Tunnel Vision

[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] Tunnel Vision Custom Heading This set of denim inspired advertisements were for an alternative vintage clothing company. The goal was a cohesive set of images that could be used in various places throughout the web to promote their sale. Also included is a redesign of their newsletter.
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Screenshot of knightfall academy's website homepage with navigation links, sections for appointments, upcoming classes including "beach day" and "farm trip," student testimonials, a staff introduction, and latest blog excerpts.

Knightfall Website

[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"]Knightfall AcademyWebsiteThis website is for a local homeschool consultant and evaluator. The majority of the people seeking her out our new homeschoolers with young children so we kept it colorful and fun. Below the mock-up are some process documents to show how we got to our final product.
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A boot with trees on it. Text saying Don't Go Barefoot

Don’t Go Barefoot

[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"]Don't Go BarefootAlbum CoverThis album cover was a random generator project. The name of the album along with the name of the band were randomly generated. We also had to use one randomly picked photo which was the photo of the trees inside of the boot.
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A cliff and ocean on the left butting up to a building and nightlight on the right with Ireland at the top


[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"]Ireland TravelPosterThis travel poster for Ireland highlights their branding and slogan. The idea behind it was highlighting both natural beauty of the country along with the culture. I also wanted to highlight both the day time activities and nightlife.
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A close up of pasta with red sauce and text that reads You can totally make that! and the Hello Fresh Logo

Hello Fresh

[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"]Hello FreshMass MailerThis mass mailer for Hello Fresh is instantly identifiable with the highlighting of their fun lime green while not being overpowering. It focuses on key features of the product along with simple ways to connect with the consumer.
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A woman and child reading a book under a blanket with a flashlight and the text "Try A Banned Book" over it

Banned Books

[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"]Banned BookPosterThis 11x17 poster was designed for a local political organization. There's been an increase in book banning throughout the United States and they were setting up at a library and wanted something relevant to display.
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woman coming out of a printer painting


[cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"]EpsonMagazine Ad & GIF This Epson color magazine ad highlights their modern range of colors. The accompanying gif animates the ad for expansion to use online.
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