Black and white image displaying icons including a smiling computer, a bomb, a trashcan, a hand holding a card, a speech bubble, and a floppy disk, with the title "crafting digital emotions" and subtitle "susan kare's method.
A woman with short, wavy hair smiling, leaning on a shelf filled with books in a library. she wears a denim jacket, surrounded by various personal items and computer hardware.
A digital image showing a series of solitaire card layouts in progress with a description of susan karik's and karen's design integration approach in red and blue text on a green background.
A digital book page displaying a turquoise background with a pixel-style black and white icon of a person's face, accompanied by a text discussing creative constraints in design, featuring various typefaces.
A decorative page with a vibrant, multi-colored floral and botanical design framed by a dark border on the left, and a minimalist quote about color usage in design on the right with a plain background.
Image of a two-page article about icon evolution. left side features a vertical timeline of icon designs, right side contains text discussing modern icons' influence on design and technology.
An illustration of a vintage control panel with various buttons and screens, accompanied by a motivational quote about exploring different solutions to problems.
Two-page spread from a book. on the left, a section titled "kare recommends" showcasing three book covers: "understanding comics," "paul rand: a designer's art," and "metamorphosis." on the right, a list of video and online references related to susan kare.
A collage of nine diverse icons including a hamburger, four-leaf clover, cartoon dachshund, penguin, sushi, monkey, lipstick kiss mark, peace symbol, and a barcode.

Susan Kare

Art Book

This short art book highlights the work of Susan Kare. Her work greatly influenced the look of our entire digital space and was unknowingly a great influence on me for a long time. It was a fun opportunity to learn about one of the women behind the art of our daily lives.