Graphic for the 2024 volunteer kick-off rally on september 23, 10 am at g.t. bray, hosted by the manatee democratic party, featuring guest speakers, candidate announcements, and literature distribution opportunity.
Graphic for labor day by the manatee democratic party, featuring four raised fists holding tools like a hammer and wrench, symbolizing the resilience of unions. text: "happy labor day. we honor the resilience of unions and their role in shaping better work conditions.
Infographic stating "did you know? all florida vote-by-mail enrollments were cancelled after the 2022 elections. it's easy to enroll or re-enroll online" with an image of a megaphone.
Graphic promoting a voter registration literature drop featuring a view through a car's windshield with the dashboard visible. text reads "sign up today" with a url, set against a background of houses and trees.
A screenshot of a newsletter from manatee matters, featuring various news articles, an image of a blonde woman, and multiple clickable links and icons for social media platforms and resources at the bottom.

Manatee County Democratic Party

Web Samples

This is a sample of various promotional materials and a newsletter redesign for a local political party. They had a new logo from the state to contend with which necessitated their redesign of their image.